Hello! I am glad to welcome you on the site of our company. Thank you for your interest in us and our products. I am pleased to tell you about us, about what and how we produce and why and for whom we do it. I am also ready to answer your questions, if you have any.

The company “PRIO” was established in 2016 and after passing a short time the way of formation and development it is today a Kazakhstan manufacturer with its own production line allowing to produce high quality EPDM seals for all types of profiles, observing the world standards of quality, safety and comfort.

How it all began. Having worked enough in the industry knowing the capabilities of the domestic manufacturer and the needs of consumers, we set ourselves the goal of producing a high-quality EPDM rubber seals in Kazakhstan. When we set this goal, it was ambitious and difficult to implement for a variety of reasons. The fact that we repeatedly face a stereotype about what is produced in Kazakhstan, and there is no special trust “made by us”. With our work, day after day producing a quality product that is not inferior to Western analogues in terms of

technical and quality characteristics, we are trying to prove that this is not true, and the amazingly viable stereotype is simply divorced from reality.

We hope that our efforts will lead to a change in the subjective assessments of consumers, and they will be guided not by stereotypes, but by objective parameters. In principle, we see that this process is already going on and, judging by the interest in our products, is improving. The second problem, which we had to solve in a short time, was the lack of professional staff in this area. After a vain search for specialists in our country, we began to look for them in other countries of the world, brought to our factory the best in this industry, attracted highly skilled technologists. And, in the end, they were able to form a team of really the best specialists.

And finally, the third problem that we faced was the lack of quality raw materials. Therefore, having weighed the pros and cons, having calculated the risks and evaluating our capabilities, we decided to implement the full cycle from the production of semi-finished rubber (rubber seal) to the direct production of seals and rubber details.

On the way to the goal, we had to repeatedly prove the realism of our business idea and constantly overcome various obstacles. It is overcoming various difficulties and obstacles on the way to the goal that allowed us to realize and clearly formulate the mission of our company: We contribute to improving the quality of life by producing high quality EPDM seals. Guided by the mission, following the goal, we today created all the conditions to meet the needs of various consumer groups in high-quality EPDM seals.

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Yours faithfully,
Director of “PRIO” LLP,
Dikanchiyev Askar Aliyevich


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