N.Nazarbayev: About 60% of professions will be disappeared up to 2030

N.Nazarbayev: About 60% of professions will be disappeared up to 2030

During the XIV Forum of Interregional Cooperation of Kazakhstan and Russia in Chelyabinsk, President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev said that “up to 2030, according to experts’ forecasts, about 60% of professions will disappear in various spheres, and more than 180 new professions will appear simultaneously. According to the report on human development in the next five years, more than a third of the knowledge, skills necessary for employment will change. This is a serious challenge, the solution of which should become one of the important priorities of our cooperation with you” . ( “Capital.kz” writes).

Earlier, on November 8, the Kazakh business magazine LS published a large article titled “Robots can replace half of jobs in Kazakhstan,” which provides data on scientific research and the views of international and domestic experts.

So. the theme of “human capital”, which Nursultan Nazarbayev clearly outlined at the Chelyabinsk forum, is especially relevant today. As KazInform reports, this topic “acquires special importance in the conditions of rapidly developing technologies, including digital ones”.

What are the tasks facing the Kazakhstani manufacturing enterprises in view of these challenges in the context of the fact that Kazakhstan is currently working on the program “Third modernization of the country?

Today it is important to understand the role and importance of a specialist in a rapidly changing technological process, to plan the development of an enterprise and launch new capacities taking into account the opportunities for the development of employees and specialists of the company. Because this is the same “human capital” from the improvement and social well-being, which will determine the success of the enterprise and its competitive advantages in the market in the medium term.

How will it happen and is already happening in LLP “PRIO”. Our enterprise introduces the advanced innovative model of matrix production of seals. In turn, this requires the training of personnel who can quickly and efficiently solve production problems using innovative technologies. Thus, the development of the potential of our employees takes place due to the acquisition of new knowledge and the acquisition of skills required in the implementation and application of the innovative model of matrix production of seals. So the human capital of the company “PRIO” grows day by day.